28 days

IMG_20180202_123608_537Pinch, punch, first of the month.

What a way to start it, a super blood blue moon eclipse, a new school Term and a new health regime. What could possible go wrong? I actually have a problem with the word ‘regime’ for anything health related. Maybe too much time spent teaching 1984 and other dystopian literature, but it sets me thinking I will not succumb to it. This is never a good place to start mentally when you are attempting change or improvement. How about using the term ‘new health direction’? This has positive connotations and gives a sense of challenge and confidence. Much more appealing.

This month we are participating in Febfast. For more information, click here.  It was hubby’s idea a couple of weeks ago, in the haze of one too many holiday wines. Now there is no way I’m not going to do this if he wants to.  I think that is great that he suggested it. It’s so good to see loved ones look out for their health. However, there is never a good time for a teacher to stop drinking. Febfast commences at the start of the new academic year, after a 6 week holiday, This time of year often requires a few stiff drinks to get you through the PD, the curriculum demands and the classroom challenges of the first term. Dry July is the mid year break, and what else can a group of teachers do together midweek in Winter? Oct- sober, not a chance. That’s my birthday month. February at least wins out because of its length and close proximity to the end of the excessive festive season here in Oz, starting mid December and finishing  the weekend after Australia Day. Febfast, is also a marvellous project. It was established in 2007 and has so far raised over $8 million for disadvantaged youth. This fund, and awareness, raising project is initiated by Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS), and it calls for Australians to give up alcohol, sugar or something else of your choice for the whole of February in support of disadvantaged young people across the country. Money raised is used to fund support programs, youth services and youth workers. This is an enterprise close to my heart as in my work, I see the need for more of these services. There are so many youth in dire circumstances who are unfortunately falling between the gaps.

In regards to my drinking, I wouldn’t say it was excessive, but I have lately found that the glass of wine after getting Little M. to bed, has become a habit. It has also recently crept up to sometimes two. It occurs for a number of reasons. I feel like I’ve earned it, that it’s my reward for being so patient from the witching hour, through dinner prep, bath and eventually bed time. I feel that after a day of eating from plastic plates and sitting on the floor, I deserve to take part in a strictly adult activity. I feel that it helps me relax, unwind and slow down before bed. I could go on with my reasons. I’ve recognised that for someone who preaches deferred gratification to secondary school students in an attempt to get them to study now, party later, I am not living my talk.

It’s not just the alcohol. I have developed a sweet tooth over the past couple of years. It has resulting in every catch up or coffee date, now including a cake as well, because, you know, I’ve earned it. I’ve wrestled a toddler to get them out, dressed and combed, to be in a certain place at a certain time with bags packed for every eventuality. The least I deserve is a Florentine with my Latte. This urge to reward myself for doing the day-to-day stuff must come to an end. I’ve realised that, yes things do get easier, but there are still daily hurdles and they aren’t going away. I have to find a different way to cope. My waistline ain’t going away either! There is a monetary cost of those cookies and wine too. This could serve me better in a few months when I’m on holiday again and could have a decent splurge on some quality me time. So this is my little accountability post. A month without alcohol, a reduction in sugar consumption and a few more dollars in the pocket. I’ll keep you posted.


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